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Return the Favor Program

A national program which had its start in 1983-1984, it soon became the “Yes We Can Help” program and eventually evolved into today’s Jaycees assistance program, “Return The Favor”.

Under the Missouri JCI Senate "Return the Favor" (RTF) Program, Senators are encouraged to give back to the Jaycee organization that helped develop their leadership abilities and that provided them with a Senatorship. The Missouri JCI Senate is engaged in activities to strengthen the Jaycees and provide growth. The RTF Program allows Senators to share their ideas and keep the Junior Chamber and the JCI Senate informed. Missouri JCI Senators are encouraged to participate as competition judges at state and region Jaycee meetings and to help their local chapters with projects and training whenever possible.

National Awards are given yearly to the top Regions, States, and individual Senators whose assistance to their Jaycees organization provides the greatest impact and strengthens their purpose.

Please email the completed form to the RTF Chairman.

Region VI Return the Favor Submission Deadlines:

  • September 1, 2020

  • January1, 2021

  • June 1, 2021

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